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New Mobile Web Insights for iPad and iPhone

Last week, we began breaking out mobile Web usage by iPad and iPhone for publishers via our Quantcast Measurement product. This builds on our recent release of Web usage by mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Because of the huge and growing popularity of both the iPhone and iPad, we wanted to provide our publishers with insights into how their web properties fared specifically on both devices. These new metrics are also available publicly for all websites directly measured by Quantcast, known as Quantified publishers. Note that these reports cover users accessing Web sites from a browser on their iOS devices, rather than mobile applications.

Overall, we noticed a significant amount of mobile Web media consumption taking place via the iPad.  Looking across the millions of Web properties Quantcast measures in the US, 31% of mobile web traffic comes from iPads. After examining site-level data, we noted some other surprising and interesting trends. For example, the proportion of iPad and iPhone usage can vary dramatically. The Hollywood Reporter gets 41% of its monthly US iOS traffic from iPad devices, Time is even more iPad-heavy with 70% of its US mobile web users preferring the iPad experience and Dailymotion sees an incredible 78% of its iOS mobile Web users accessing the site from iPads.

We also analyzed our Quantified publishers to see which properties had garnered the largest mobile Web audiences via the iPad in the past month. Magazine websites topped our rankings , as well as dating and blogging sites. Perhaps most surprising was that the Chinese-language community portal received the bulk of its mobile web traffic from the United States. Again, The Huffington Post was a top contender for overall iPad reach as well as for it’s proportion of iPad usage.

Examples with heavy iPad usage are:,,,,,,, and

We invite you to explore Quantcast’s mobile Web offerings further. There are a lot of interesting trends and websites to be discovered. If you are a website owner, you can learn more about our free measurement service here.

Posted by Scott Murff, Product Manager