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New Measure Feature: New Installs Versus Upgrades

Quantified mobile app publishers logging in to monitor their mobile app metrics last week may have noticed that we now differentiate between new app installs and version upgrades via a new tab in our reporting dashboard.

Differentiating between new installs and upgrades allows publishers to better interpret their new user base and evaluate existing users’€™ loyalty and willingness to upgrade. Previously, install metrics (new installs and upgrades) were shown in a bundle. As such, it was easy to assume that the number of installs equated to the number of new users.

Both Android and iOS versions of a single app title are shown in the same traffic graph, allowing publishers to compare and tell a story. Users can also flip between the graphs under “More Options” to see top versions. This allows a publisher to see how different versions of iOS and Android stack up against each other in terms of their Uniques, Visits, Installs and Upgrades.

Posted by Scott Murff, Product Manager, and Maryam Motamedi, Product Marketing Manager, Quantcast Measure