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New Feature Release: Return Usage of Logged in Users

We are excited to announce a powerful new feature for all publishers who want to better understand their customers’ logged-in usage. When audience connect is implemented across mobile app and Web properties, marketers, product strategists, media salespeople, and the like can analyze return usage patterns across multiple devices for logged in users. Publishers without a mobile app can analyze return usage between online and mobile Web data.


What To Do With These Insights

Users consume content across multiple devices and platforms. Analyzing return visits for these multiple touch points can help publishers:

–       Highlight multi-platform engagement to advertisers

–       Measure efforts to migrate users between platforms

–       Manage the user flow within your product

In the example above, we are following unique users who first logged in on the publisher’s mobile app on 7/2/2013, and either returned to mobile Web only, or to online only, within 30 days after 7/2/2013.

Publishers can isolate a single platform or select multiple and then see return usage based on their selection. There are many ways to analyze the data.

To implement audience connect, please see the implementation guide or contact us with questions.

Posted by Scott Murff, Product Manager, and Maryam Motamedi, Product Marketing Manager, Quantcast Measure