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New and improved numbers

Thanks to the all the publishers who have joined our Quantified Publisher program our estimates of Internet traffic and audiences are getting better all the time. This free service enables publishers to interact directly with our ratings service and gain more accurate information on their audience.

Frustrated with rating services that don’t reflect your true audience size?  Use a Quantcast measurement pixel and make sure all your audience is counted.

We have sites of all shapes and sizes in the program, some you might want to check out include,, and

Everyone can help make the Quantcast ratings service even more accurate. When you become a Quantified Publisher, you not only gain more accurate information on your own audience, the information on general levels of web activity and browsing is used to enhance our model of the entire Internet – improving all the results. We believe that collaborative, open and transparent ratings will form the bedrock of tomorrow’s online business models and advertising revenue streams.