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Musing on Mobile at IAB

At the IAB Mobile Marketplace conference yesterday we saw and heard about the different ways in which media is consumed. People are accessing content across multiple devices and, more than ever, while on the go. While the browser is still the most popular app on most smartphones, apps by publishers are continuing to gain popularity. In just the month of February, there were almost 67,000 new apps introduced to the four dominant operating systems.

For publishers and advertisers, mobile apps add yet another dimension to the data needed for buy and sell sides to gain a complete understanding of complex audience behavior.

Most cross-platform publishers have business models based on monetizing audiences, and given the significance of mobile, it’s more crucial than ever to provide solid measurement and tools to help monetize these mobile audiences. In response, cross-platform measurement technologies are needed to give publishers a more holistic understanding of campaign reach and engagement and to give advertisers an accurate view of insights across multiplatform publishers. Specifically, we believe that in order to understand, segment and act on digital audiences in a cross-platform world, the first thing you need to do is collect quality data to measure them, with the real-time nature of this measurement being paramount. Due to the high level of volatility with apps, it is even more important that measurement is directly integrated in order to get a truly accurate view of usage.

For close to seven years, Quantcast Measure has been the pioneer and industry standard for free direct audience measurement on the web, which means that rather than using a panel-based approach, we directly measure your audiences. In 2011 we expanded Quantcast Measure to include Mobile Web and in March we introduced Quantcast Measure for Apps – completing the trifecta of insight into cross-platform audience trends. We hope that you’re as excited about this product as we are and look forward to the future of what it means for mobile marketing.