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MTV Networks Joins Quantified Publisher Program

Yesterday, Quantcast announced a significant addition to the Quantified Publisher program: MTV Networks. All of the media company’s online properties, including,,,, as well as the Tribes affiliate network, will be included in Quantcast’s Quantified Publisher program.

As with all Quantified Publishers, our efforts with MTV Networks are focused on helping them better package their uniquely engaged audiences, and surface more precise audience data in near real-time. Marketers and agency buyers will have access to MTV Networks’ audience profiles through the free Quantcast Media Planner service.

Nada Stirratt, EVP Digital Ad Sales for MTV Networks noted, “We’re in the business of showcasing value, not just selling impressions and Quantcast helps us directly quantify our audiences for marketers who demand real accountability online.”

We’re thrilled to have MTV Networks join our growing number of quantified publishers – now over 80,000 strong, representing in excess of 10 million web properties.