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Mobile Web Usage Growth and Its Impact

Quantcast provides technology to helps our customers – media companies, website owners and marketers – understand digital media and its audiences in whatever form it takes, desktop PCs, mobile phones and eventually our televisions. To do this we have to understand how people access the web and how it’s changing so we studied our data – trillions of records of web consumption – to look at these trends.

Mobile web usage will grow and the volume of content consumed on the web will accelerate. Also, the distinction between mobile and desktop will start to blur and we see an increasing number of devices that sit in between the two, for example Apple and Microsoft’s tablet devices. Perhaps we won’t need this report in a couple of year’s time?

Ultimately, this is all about the consumer, and their experience with accessing multi-media content. Whoever delivers the best, easiest, and simple package of hardware and software win in the long term. AOL proved simplicity was important during the early stages of the Web, and Apple’s iPhone is doing the same in the mobile space. But as we’ve seen with the Web, early trend setters aren’t ultimately the long-term winners. It all comes down to best value proposition for the consumer.

Check out yesterday’s interview with LIVE and Quantcast CEO, Konrad Feldman, for some key findings from the report and some thoughts about the future of the mobile market.