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Mininova has Joined Quantcast

Mininova ( has joined the Quantified Publisher program with more than 18 million global monthly uniques.

Check out their Quantcast profile here:

Mininova is one of the web’s largest torrent search engines, and is designed to provide an easy-to-use, searchable directory of available media files for the BitTorrent client.

Mininova is popular around the world, and receives more than 50 percent of its visits from “addicts” who go to the site 30 times or more per month.

Here in the U.S., it is especially popular with males aged 18 – 24, as well as in households wih children aged 6 – 17.

Fans of Mininova also frequent the online homes of FHM and Game Informer magazines. Favorite movie sites include IGN Entertainment’s Movie Channel, JoBlo and the Internet Movie Database (

Their preferred entertainment news and celebrity gossip site is Defamer — another Quantified Publisher and part of the Gawker Media Network.

Thanks for joining Quantcast, Mininova!