MediaCom, a global media agency, endeavors to “help clients see the bigger picture” by looking “beyond the boundaries of traditional media to uncover new ideas and unlock growth.” This overarching goal shapes the agency’s efforts to build, optimize, and drive their clients’ businesses forward. When Alex Glover, Digital Director of MediaCom, needed “to solve the problem of delivering performance at scale,” he found the answer with Quantcast. 

Speaking at our Virtual NOVA event, Alex stated: “One of the main challenges that we have in the digital space at the moment” is “bridging the gap between brand and trade,” and so “I looked to Quantcast to solve this problem.” For most advertisers, he explained, it can feel like “two disparate campaigns” with a divided focus between well-planned, carefully strategized brand executions that “deliver really big impact” and the hard-working activity of “nitty-gritty DR [direct response advertising] and trading” with its “data, measurement, and tech.” From his experience, “the problem is linking them together.” He wanted to facilitate, ideally, that the work done by both sides complemented and helped each other in an efficient and cost-effective way. 

Drawing on real-time data from more than 100M online destinations, MediaCom gained actionable insights to drive their campaigns. Alex found that the “breadth of data” surpassed “the limitations of the walled garden” because “it’s live data; it’s current data; it’s accurate data. So having that fuel our planning, and then our activation, made it easier to then link it with our trading.” 

He continued: “The relationship with Quantcast has definitely set us off on the journey” and “shown us what ‘through the line’ digital advertising can really mean. The results so far have been great. We’ve shown a really big uplift by dual exposure to our brand and trading campaigns.” Working with the product team has also “been fantastically helpful” because they have “as much appetite to push forward with this as we do.” 

Using “the power of Quantcast algorithms, machine learning, [and] user scoring has driven best-in-class performance at scale for us,” Alex asserted. MediaCom looks forward to continuing to benefit from a “better use of data from a consumer’s perspective, which then allows us as marketers to use [unified] data better.” 

Watch this short video to learn more about how MediaCom’s digital marketing team leverages Quantcast’s unique real-time data and machine learning engine to deliver performance at scale.