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Media Ratings Council Lifts the Viewable Impression Advisory for Display Advertising

On March 31, 2014, the Media Ratings Council (MRC)’s lifted the Viewable Impression Advisory for Display advertising. The detailed communication that summarizes the background on addressing viewability measurement limitations and subsequent steps to improve measurement consistency across vendors can be found in the the News Section of MRC’s website.

If an ad cannot be seen, clearly it cannot influence the consumer. This makes ad “viewability” a critical issue for the digital advertising industry, an industry where accountability and the ability to optimize effectively are paramount.

Our goal is to become a leader in advertising that delivers maximum campaign effectiveness with viewability. We have done extensive experimentation to determine the most effective viewability solutions as well as improve our systems to both report on viewability and prepare for transacting on viewable impressions. Today, we can transact with a Viewability Goal or Guarantee and are actively working on a Viewability-CPM based product.

In the course of our testing, we found 3 key lessons that are vital to running a high-performance viewability optimized campaign:

  1. Set appropriate goals. Today, due to viewability rates of most high-volume domains, it is difficult to achieve greater than 70% viewability with your RTB ads. We expect this number will increase over time as large publishers optimize their own sites for viewability.
  2. Use an MRC-accredited vendor. As a baseline, advertisers should choose to work with IAB and MRC-accredited vendors. MRC accreditation helps ensure a common baseline in performance and measurement, and is a useful guide for ensuring that your viewability vendor has been audited by industry experts.
  3. Keep viewability goals consistent across comparable campaigns. Without a viewability-enabled attribution system, a campaign that buys low-viewability, last-view impressions will appear to perform better than one that buys high-viewability, high-quality inventory. Keep a level playing field by holding all vendors on a plan to the same viewability goal.

For your reference, Quantcast developed this White Paper to help advertisers better understand the benefits of incorporating viewability into their campaigns and to learn more about our findings.

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