This week, we made Audience Grid data available via the Measure API, giving Measure users the ability to combine data about their audiences’ online and offline habits, and ingest the reporting in an unlimited number of ways.

With this new enhancement, all of the insights available in the Measure profiles can now be accessed through the API, including:

  • Traffic and upgrade/install data for web and mobile apps
  • Demographic data and online interests
  • Offline behaviors provided by our Audience Grid data partners, such as TV-watching habits, offline purchase behaviors (including auto, CPG and other verticals), as well as employment and occupation
  • Filtering ability by platform (web, mobile web and app)
  • Viewing ability at the network, site, app or Audience Segment level

What can you do with the Measure API?

Accessing data through an API gives Measure users total flexibility to customize their reporting however they would like. An account owner can easily access their data and drill down into greater detail than the Measure profile interface allows. There’s an unlimited number of use cases, and we’ve already seen our clients use the data in a number of interesting ways, including:

Power Internal Dashboards

Use the API to pull traffic and audience data into an internal dashboard of your own design. Use this to easily give reporting access to colleagues across your organization, or integrate Quantcast data with other key business metrics.

Quantcast Measure API

Sovrn is a platform that provides tools for digital publishers to understand their audiences and connect them to advertising opportunities via the Sovrn ad exchange. Through the Measure API, Sovrn populates its publisher-facing dashboard with audience insights, and combines them with its own proprietary metrics to make sure key clients like The Onion and Answers can find all of their KPIs in one easy-to-use interface.

Sell More Effectively

Measure users can also leverage the flexibility of the API to quickly filter their data in a number of different ways in order to highlight their available inventory.

Quantcast Measure Targeting

For example, Stack Exchange, a resource for developers to find answers to technical questions, reaches a global monthly audience of 100 million uniques and needs to demonstrate its local audience size in a number of different markets. Stack Exchange accesses its data through the Measure API in order to power its interactive media kit and quickly pull the latest per-country audience metrics.

Learn More

For more information about the Measure API and to sign up for your own API key for free, check out After completing the sign-up, Measure users can use the interactive console to execute API calls against their live data, without having to write a single line of code. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

If you’re not yet a Measure user, than be sure to sign up and get Quantified for access to the most comprehensive audience measurement tool for free. For any other questions or feedback, reach out to us at