With nationwide lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, Manettas Seafood observed a surge of Australians placing more of their seafood orders online. As an online platform, which allows people to access the freshness and variety of the fish market without leaving home, they were already well situated to meet the changing needs of consumers. What they needed was the right hook to catch high-value customers with deep audience insights

Presented with this opportunity, Manettas wanted to increase online sales by transforming their advertising strategies using AI-powered, real-time audience data. They sought to reach more of their ideal customers: affluent families and people who demonstrate a higher likelihood to make multiple purchases. Manettas challenged their agency, G Squared, to increase online sales by reaching the most relevant audiences possible. 

Previously, Manettas had built their audience pool predominantly using third-party data, but with the online seafood retail space changing daily, G Squared saw the chance to make a larger impact on the campaign using real-time data strategies.

G Squared approached its programmatic partner, Quantcast, to execute the media strategy using its AI-powered platform. With access to unique, real-time data, Quantcast allowed Manettas to reach people based on their interests and demographics in real time instead of using stale, outdated third-party data. 

Quantcast used lookalike audiences created from a combination of converting visitors and homepage visitors to inform their modeling. This tactic, combined with boosting website traffic across emerging markets, helped drive efficient conversions and a higher return on ad spend (ROAS). To optimize performance, Quantcast also ran a top-of-funnel advertising campaign to drive brand awareness, alongside lower-funnel ads to promote conversions.

One year after the campaign launched, Manettas achieved phenomenal results against the goals they had set, including a 490% overall increase in ROAS. By reaching 4.74 million more high-value potential customers in Australia, Manettas had a +3.58% uplift in site visitations. In addition, the company achieved a +600% revenue increase, generating $1.2 million through programmatic revenue.  

These remarkable results highlight the impact that programmatic advertising has had on Manettas’ business. Andreas Karlsson, Head of Digital at G Squared, affirmed: “Quantcast has allowed us to reach our desired audience, which has spearheaded the growth of Manettas Seafood. The lifetime value (LTV) for each customer has increased, which allowed Manettas Seafood to increase overall marketing budgets. Quantcast has also become a valuable channel for Manettas Seafood by finding new audiences and achieving a high return on ad spend (ROAS) upon a customer’s first purchase.”

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Using Quantcast has also helped elevate G Squared’s partnership with Manettas, enabling the agency to continue delivering higher ad efficiencies than ever, while improving other ad campaigns. For Manettas’ employees, quality matters, and so they seek out the best partnerships to drive their success–from fishmongers to digital media agencies to ad tech companies. 

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