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Managing Your Favorites: New Quantcast Feature for Organizing Your Most Visited Audience Profiles

If you like to keep track of a lot of Quantcast publisher profiles, whether they are your own properties or properties of others, the new Favorites page lets you watch them all in one place. And you only see the data you are interested in.


To start using Favorites, login to Quantcast and go to a favorite publisher profile, such as Underneath the site name, click the Add to Favorites button.


You are now on the Favorites page, and you will see some audience information relating to the property you just added.

You can add more favorite properties at this point by clicking the Edit Favorites button and typing in their name – subdomains and even media networks can be included. You can also remove and reorder your favorites in the Edit Favorites window.

For each of your favorite properties you can select to show a host of different audience data. Click the Customize Columns button to change and reorder the measurements you see. You’ll find that you can view many different summary measurements about your favorite properties: demographics, affinity, traffic frequency, and more.

It’s easy to return to the Favorites page. Just login to Quantcast and click the Favorites link in the navigation bar at the top of any page. It’s next to the links to Home, Marketer, Planner, etc.