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Life After Google: Why I Joined Quantcast

“Why Quantcast?” That’s a question I’m frequently asked by co-workers and friends. “Why them?”

By way of a quick background, I had previously worked at Google, starting in February 2000. Back then, the would-be search giant had less than 100 employees and virtually no revenue. The engineers had just completed beta-testing the start-up’s foray into advertising. I was hired as Google’s first ad exec and was charged with building a team of senior advertising sales leaders with industry-specific expertise (e.g., automotive, finance, etc.). For the next seven years, I did my part to help Google grow its ad revenues from zero to many, many millions of dollars.

In 2007, I left Google to work with early stage start-ups as an advisor, an investor, and an operator. Then, just a few months ago, I was introduced to Quantcast (a few ex-Googlers were on the executive team). As I learned more about the company, I became increasingly interested and convinced that I wanted to be part of it. Why? From my experience at Google and more recently with start-ups, I learned that successful growth companies all have three essential elements in common:

  1. Smart people (who you want to work with).
  2. A product/solution powered by superior technology.
  3. A huge addressable market.

It quickly became clear that Quantcast is strong in each of these areas.

More than a third of the company’s 340 employees are engineers – including the founder/CEO. The company management team is full of bright, experienced leaders who also pass “the airport test,” as we referred to it at Google. Across the company and at every level in the organization, there is a very high bar set for the kind of talent and type of person Quantcast looks to hire. No matter what corner of the company you find yourself in, you’re bound to learn, create, and innovate.

Quantcast’s advertising solution is built on sophisticated technology and leverages a massive real-time data set, both of which are unique to Quantcast. This provides the company with a distinct competitive advantage and significant barrier of entry. Quantcast’s ad solution helps marketers drive ROI from display ads. This is a huge market, and it’s growing fast. In fact, Eric Schmidt remarked that the online display market could become a $200 billion ad business.

Quantcast also exhibits a fourth key characteristic of a company on the move: revenue with an impressive growth trajectory. Quantcast has a large, growing base of satisfied advertisers spending an increasingly larger portion of their budget with us. Performance-focused marketers vote with their ad dollars. Quantcast’s fast-growing revenues validate the strength of our solution and support a fast-growing team.

So, in the end, I joined Quantcast because in a number of important areas it feels a lot like Google did – way back around 2002. Take a look for yourself, and feel free to ping me with any questions at dscacco @ quantcast dot com.

Posted by David Scacco, Sr. Director, Agency & Marketer Development