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Leveraging Real-Time Technologies to Understand, Package, and Monetize

Last week, Quantcast’s VP of Product Management Jag Duggal discussed opportunities for publishers in a real time world to a standing room crowd at IAB MIXX in New York. Jag described the meteoric growth of an audience driven landscape encompassing RTB (10% per month) and how this growth rate even outpaces search. But what are the opportunities for publishers? Do they have to pick between their standing business model or getting on the audience train?

Jag illustrated how this is a false dichotomy. Publishers can continue to attract endemic advertiser opportunities with their valuable content packages and sell audience to non-endemic brand advertisers. Audience and real time technologies should be looked at as an add on. Additionally, things like Quantcast’s audience segmenting tool can help publishers better define and package audiences that have been traditionally hard to sell, even at the niche level.

The Quantcast workshop also provided an overview of how Quantcast puts publishers in control with regards to their audience. Specifically, Quantcast never allows anyone to retarget any publishers’ audience or identify any individual visitor to a publishers’ site. Additionally, Quantcast does not create content based categories from publishers’ visitors or share aggregate traffic or audience profiles without the publisher’s permission.

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