Created in 1935 during a major economic crisis, Lancôme has been a leading global luxury beauty brand for over 80 years. The company continues to evolve and innovate to maintain its success, and in 2020, it embraced programmatic advertising with the help of Quantcast to reach consumers online during the pandemic.

Event Planning in a Pandemic

For Lancôme, part of the L’Oréal Luxury Products division, events are intrinsic to its connection with consumers. The brand frequently hosts physical interactive events to engage their consumers and raise awareness of its iconic skincare products. However, with COVID-19 hitting the market hard in 2020, and government restrictions limiting crowds in event spaces, Lancôme faced a new challenge in reaching their prospective customers. 

Lancôme decided to launch a virtual event, the Advanced Génifique Virtual Flagship, to engage consumers online. Amidst a plethora of virtual events popping up around the time, it had to cut through the noise and drive awareness to this flagship event, create an unforgettable brand experience, and ultimately drive online sales.

Quantcast’s Customer Campaign

With so much riding on this event, Lancôme turned to programmatic advertising to help boost its live launch efforts and brought on Quantcast to lead the charge. 

“When planning for our first-ever mega virtual event, we needed to ensure that we drove sufficient traffic to the site and effectively engaged our target audience. Having worked with Quantcast previously, we were confident in their ability to deliver against our media objectives,” said Yin Hong, senior product manager at Lancôme.

With a newly-created microsite–which lacked any pre-existing site traffic–hosting the flagship event, it was imperative that Lancôme first build awareness (and anticipation) in a pre-launch phase. Lancôme and Quantcast achieved this goal through a dual-pronged strategy: targeting new users interested in beauty and skincare products and retargeting existing Lancôme brand site visitors. By leveraging Quantcast’s keyword audience solutions, Lancôme was able to identify these potential customers, delivering attention-grabbing teaser videos that successfully drove them to the microsite. 

Despite a few challenges launching what is traditionally an offline brand online, the Quantcast-Lancôme campaign drove outstanding results, including:

  • 6.2% uplift in brand and product awareness–a great outcome, considering market conditions and the intense competition from competing beauty brands aggressively advertising during the same campaign period 
  • Over 9,600 site visits to the virtual flagship event at a cost-per-visit that was 21% below Lancôme’s goal
  • An engagement rate of 11.3% by establishing affinity and delivering rich media executions to the right audiences 

“We were thrilled with the results that Quantcast delivered for Lancôme. Their brand solution was instrumental in engaging customers and prospects and driving awareness with different user groups. The results that they drove surpassed our targets and expectations, and demonstrated that programmatic advertising can really play a role within brand campaigns,” Ying Hong said.

Interested in Learning More? 

As digital marketing becomes increasingly important, especially when circumstances prevent face-to-face engagement, programmatic advertising is a strategic solution. To learn more about how Quantcast helped Lancôme execute its successful campaign, read this article published in Consumer Goods Technology: How Lancôme Used Programmatic Advertising to Uplift Brand and Drive Virtual Event Signups and the case study on the Quantcast website. To see how Quantcast is helping another beauty brand grow its audience, see our case study with TATCHA