The Quantcast Choice CMP was sold to InMobi in 2023, and is now InMobi Choice CMP.

With GDPR rapidly approaching on May 25th, Quantcast’s Global Head of Corporate Marketing, Cathy Novelli, sits down with eMarketer to discuss some key points on GDPR, what’s on the horizon, and some best practices when sifting through all the requirements. The short recording reviews key challenges and tips on how to address for any size company. Learn more about GDPR consent management in our GDPR IQ resource library.

Starting with the Basics

Understanding GDPR sounds complicated, but, really, it provides an opportunity for the industry to be more transparent about how quality content is funded, how ads are targeted, and how that improves consumers’ online experiences. Quantcast supports the intention of GDPR to put more control into consumers’ hands, including how their data is gathered and used; privacy-by-design is one of our core product development tenets.

  • What GDPR means for those storing, processing or using EU consumer data:
  • Clear, transparent consent practices and privacy policies
  • The right of consumers to access their personal data
  • The “right to be forgotten” (e.g., having data promptly deleted, upon request)
  • Mandatory data breach notifications
  • Privacy by design
  • Data protection officers

Most companies understand that GDPR will change more than their privacy policies, but there is a lot of confusion and ambiguity about how to put it into action. Protecting consumer privacy should always be the industry’s top priority, and GDPR is an opportunity to refocus on the best interests of consumers.

What it Means for Marketers

Under this new regulation, your business will be required to obtain consumer consent to gather and store user data.

  • Failure to comply won’t just mean fines – Brand safety debacles have made headlines: expect brands, ad tech players and companies to be on the chopping block if they don’t do what it takes.
  • Marketing databases will take a hit – Consent and opt-out have the potential to erode databases significantly. While that’s a bad thing in the short term, some are optimistic that it can mean greater value from those DBs!
  • Third-party data will become more limited, but also cleaner – Drawbridge was one of the first major names exiting the EU market. Expect to see other parties limiting their third-party data practices in the EU.
    • Many also see inevitable consolidation on the programmatic front.
  • First-party data and more contextual targeting will take center stage – As third-party weakens, this becomes an inevitability.

Let’s Do This:

Ready to get up to speed with GDPR? Quantcast Choice is a free consent management solution for advertisers and publishers built on the IAB Europe Framework. If you would like information on implementing Quantcast Choice, complete the request form at /gdpr/quantcastchoice/.