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July Updates:€“ Quantcast website

This month, we made several performance-based enhancements and added some completely new features to the Quantcast website, outlined below.

Super Search

While logged in, type “age” or any other demographic definer into the search box. Once selected, you will automatically be taken to the planner tool.


Ad Type Selection

You can now display which IAB advertisement formats are available on each of your quantified properties.  This can be configured on a property-by-property basis, or at the network level.  To use this feature, just follow the link on the dashboard page.

Then, from Settings, you’ll be able to select available advertisement types for your properties.


Dashboard Notifications

Another new tool, dashboard notifications, will inform you whenever there is an access request, advertising inquiry or new feature announcement for your account.

Had a chance to test drive the new features? Leave your thoughts below.