in Data & Insights joins Quantcast!, a place where people who love to bake can get together to share recipes and pictures of their favorite foods has joined the Quantified publisher program with more than 1 Million global monthly uniques.

You can view their full Quantcast profile here: was founded in May of 1997 as a way for Stephanie Jaworski to connect with other people who love to bake.  At the time she was a stay-at-home mom baking daily for her family, friends, neighbors, school functions, and anyone else who enjoyed a cookie or two.

Over the years the site has grown quite large, and during the holidays the site experiences it’s largest traffic numbers.  With all of of the growth, the cooking and writing is still handled by Stephanie while all of the photography is handled by her husband Rick.

You can see from their profile that the site has had a recent spike in traffic with many people using the site as a resource during the holidays.  The audience skews female, higher income, and college educated.  If you look at the audience keywords it suggests that there are probably some great carrot cake and cookie recipes to be found on the site.  Congratulations on your growth and thanks for joining the Quantified publisher program.