Jaguar’s new luxury SUV, the F-Pace, will make its American debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show opening this week. This marks Jaguar’s first foray into the SUV market and serves as predecessor to the new electric Jaguar SUV slated for release next year. Jaguar’s entry into the SUV market will present a new challenge, as the current Jaguar owner profile does not match that of other, competitive SUV owners. The launch of the F-Pace comes at a time when Jaguar is actively lowering prices to broaden its appeal to the American luxury car buyer. In an already saturated SUV market, we examined what tactics Jaguar can employ to further succeed in the US’s SUV space.

We put together three insights Jaguar can use to further reach its existing consumers and ideas to attract competitor SUV owners. Using Quantcast Measure data along with Audience Grid data partners, we analyzed existing SUV owners’ profiles, focusing on owners of the Lexus RX350, BMW X5 and Acura MDX, along with sister brand Land Rover. Audience Grid data sources included Relevate Auto for car ownership data, NetWise for professional/language data and TiVo Research for TV viewing habits.

  1. Increase Multicultural Reach – Jaguar cannot afford to miss out on the multicultural consumer. According to Nielsen, multicultural consumers’ buying power has grown 2x faster than that of the total US population from 1990 to 2014. Using NetWise language data as a proxy for the multicultural consumer, Jaguar indexed highly with only 6 of the 20 languages we analyzed – to put that in perspective, the next-lowest indexing car was BMW X5 at 11 languages, nearly double Jaguar’s numbers.
  • Despite being owned by an Indian company, Jaguar and Land Rover are the only brands that do not index highly with Indian consumers; all other SUV models are 3x more likely to appeal to Indian buyers than the average consumer
  • Jaguar needs to expand its appeal to Asian and Middle Eastern consumers – Korean consumers show high interest in all other SUVs, but do not index with Jaguar
  1. Extend brand to attract traditional SUV buyers while bringing existing Jaguar loyalists to the SUV – Capturing both consumer groups will be essential to the F-Pace’s success
  • Jaguar will need to make a concerted effort to attract traditional SUV owners and effectively steal share; currently, it does not index highly on any of the top three interests of SUV owners: Food/Drink/Restaurants, Global News and Computers/Tech
  • Existing Jaguar owners’ highest indexing online interest is Celebrity News, albeit marginally; Jaguar may consider doubling down on celebrity and entertainment promotions, such as its C-X75 placement in Spectre, the latest James Bond movie
  1. Utilize media consumption trends of competitive SUVs and existing Jaguar owners to target advertisements – Jaguar owners tend toward older-skewing entertainment, while each competitive SUV has a distinct audience
  • Owners of competitive SUVs each have an unique media persona: BMW owners tend toward more dramatic shows and lifestyle websites, and Acura owners enjoy younger, more diverse shows/websites, while Lexus owners enjoy a broad range of shows and are most likely to visit Jewish news sites and finance websites
  • Jaguar owners’ media consumption skews the highest of all SUVs toward nonfiction programming; Dancing with the Stars is the second highest-indexing show, further validating Jaguar’s opportunity to use celebrity endorsements to promote the F-Pace
  • Because Jaguar owners’ media tastes skew toward an older audience (nonfiction shows, antique auction websites), it indicates consumers may be better reached through more traditional channels like TV, newspapers or magazines


Jaguar is at an important point for its brand in the US. The new SUV is priced to compete at a lower entry-level price while setting the tone for the release of the new electric SUV next year. If Jaguar can broaden its appeal to multicultural consumers and tap into the traditional SUV market while still appealing to existing Jaguar owners, it will be better equipped to flourish in the American SUV market.      

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NetWise Data has been a leader in the alternative data marketplace for online and offline channels since 2010. NetWise has a digital heritage in B2B marketing; segments include everything about the business and the employee.

TiVo Research

TiVo Research, a wholly owned subsidiary of TiVo Inc. is a leading cross-media research, measurement and analytics company that provides nationally representative single-source data linked to purchases made at the household level.

Posted by Lauren Young, Data Insights Research Manager, and Akshay Patil, Modeling Scientist.