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iPod sags, but iPhone jumps in€“ August 2010 Vendor Share

Last week we saw how Android continues to make significant share gains in mobile web consumption, today we’re looking what this means for the various device manufacturers and we can quickly see that things might not be as bad for Apple’s iPhone as an initial analysis of iOS share might indicate.

Vendor Share of Web Consumption
Apple’s iPhone has seen a solid reversal of its downward trend since the introduction of the iPhone 4, however, this is offset for iOS share by the decline of the iPod Touch (which we include in the mobile web  though it is not a smartphone).

As we can see below, the iPhone put in a solid performance in August 2010.

Change in Share of Mobile Web Consumption

Notably, in terms of mobile web consumption share, Motorola has surpassed HTC for the first time.

Lastly – remember that this analysis shows the relative share of mobile web consumption and that mobile as a share of all web consumption is growing quickly, so a decline in mobile share does not mean that a particular device or operating system is declining in total share. You can find more on our methodology here.