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iPhone 4 mostly upgrades?

By most accounts Apple’s iPhone 4 has been selling very well, but will it reverse the decline in share of mobile web consumption that Apple have seen in the past year?

One way to get a feel for this is to examine the amount of web consumption attributable to devices running iOS 4, the latest version of Apple’s operating system for its iPhone and iPod devices.

iOS Share of Mobile Web Consumption

As we can see, initially the total iOS share saw a pop, but generally there’s no change in the downward trend, which we believe indicates that a high proportion of iPhone 4 sales are going to people who are replacing earlier versions of the iPhone, rather than new iPhone consumers.

Note, Quantcast does not include Apple’s iPad in mobile web consumption analysis and this is excluded here.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at overall vendor share and see how the challengers to Apple’s throne are doing.