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iOS Vs Android

Recently we’ve looked at how Google’s Android is gaining share of mobile web consumption and how Apple’s iPhone is rallying. As we pointed out earlier this week in our methodology reminder, we don’t include Apple’s iPad in our mobile analysis and a static share of a growing market is still generally good news.

Today we’re looking at the Android and iOS operating systems (we throw in RIM OS for good measure) in the context of the share of total web consumption, not just mobile.

In the chart below the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are stacked to make up the total iOS share.

iOS vs Android vs RIM Share of Web Consumption Looking at the monthly, quarterly and annual changes we can see that iOS and Android are both making significant gains in terms of total web consumption.

Change in Share of Total Web Consumption

In the past year Android powered devices (mostly smartphones) have gained noticeably more share than the iPhone, but iOS still takes top honors due in part to the iPod and mostly to the introduction of the iPad. Last month the iPod did not contribute at all to iOS’ overall growth (hence only two segments in the left most bar), though with new devices hitting stores now that could all change.

Web browsing from devices other than traditional computers is rising rapidly, but for some context, consider the relative share of North American web consumption attributable to all operating systems in August.