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iOS 7 Adoption Trends

With all of the excitement around the iOS 7 release, we took a look to see how people are adopting and upgrading to the new software and we are seeing some interesting trends.

Trends Among Devices

Our data shows a significant difference between the iPhone and iPad iOS7 upgrade rates, with iPhones generally upgraded faster than iPads. Presumably, this is due to the greater utility and ubiquity of smartphones versus tablets as the primary device for the user.

When analyzing adoption patterns between newer and older iPads, we see little difference in adoption patterns. This seems to support the idea that the slower upgrade rate on iPad devices is due to their role as less portable devices and less related to the freshness of technology.

The chart above demonstrates that when looking at data three days after the iOS 7 release, around 47% of iPads had been upgraded to the new software. By contrast, iPhones were generally upgraded at a faster rate, with the newer phone users exhibiting more early-adopter behavior. Roughly 53% of iPhone 4 and 4S devices and 66% of iPhone 5 devices had been upgraded to the latest OS version.

Gender Differences

As a whole, males showed a slight positive bias in upgrading to the new operating system. Within the early-adopter group of iPhone 5 users, males had upgraded at about a 5% higher rate than females. iPad users showed a male bias as well, with males indicating 6% faster adoption.

Those who were already using newer OS versions upgraded at a faster rate as well. About 42% of those using a version of 6.1.x upgraded to 7.0 within two days, in contrast to 11% of the group on a version of 6.0.x.

Leveraging Quantcast Measure for Apps to See How Your Audience is Connecting

Insights like this can help you optimize your app for your audience so you can reach the sweet spot in terms of adoption. Using Quantcast Measure for Apps, the Top OS Versions feature will show you on which Operating Systems your audience is connecting.

Quantified publisher Topix is a great example. Their rate of adoption between day two of the release and day four shows significant increase in iOS 7 usage between the two samples. (Please note: The percentages add up to well over 100% in the second sample, due to multi-OS attribution over the past 30 days.)

Day 2

Day 4

We hope you find these insights interesting. To learn more about Quantcast Measure for Apps, visit here.

Posted by Maryam Motamedi, Product Marketing Manager, Wayne Yang, Engineering Manager, & An Jiang, Software Engineer, Quantcast Measure