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Introducing the Quantcast Measure API in Beta

Since 2006, over 100 million destinations have used Quantcast for their audience and traffic measurement. Many publishers log in to the Measure dashboard multiple times a day and have asked us for a programmatic way to access their data. That’s why we’re introducing the Quantcast Measure API (Application Programing Interface), now in Beta. The Measure API provides publishers with a flexible tool to retrieve and analyze their Quantcast data, allowing them to:

    • Pull their audience and traffic data into an internal tool or dashboard
    • Combine Quantcast data with other data sources for new insights
  • Save audience data to track historical trends

More Customization and Insight

The Quantcast Measure dashboard provides a wealth of information, yet some publishers prefer to only see their daily people number, or already use a customized dashboard to monitor their site. With the Quantcast Measure API, publishers can choose exactly what Measure data they want to see, whether at the network, site, or subdomain level, and easily import it into their custom reports and dashboards.

The API also provides publishers new ways to analyze their Quantcast data – such as combining it with data from other sources. For instance, a travel site might analyze how the weather impacts their regional site traffic by combining Quantcast data with data from a weather provider. We’re looking forward to learning about all the creative ways publishers will use their Quantcast Measure data to generate enhanced insights.

Applying for Beta Access

Publishers with a Quantcast account can learn more about the API and apply to participate in the Beta program at our developer site here. Note that this API only provides publishers access to data for their owned properties.

Please contact us with any questions or feedback. We value your input and would love to hear from you as we expand the capabilities of our API.

Posted by Jon Katz, Product Manager, Quantcast Measure