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Introducing Siteographics

Siteographics_2Earlier today we introduced a new feature, its pretty cool and a great new way to get a handle on the interests and lifestyles of a web site’s audience.

The idea behind siteographics is that an audience can be better understood by examining where else they spend their time online, and that by organizing these visit preferences by category we can interpret affinities and interests.

For many sites you will find a range of siteographic categories, from politics and sports to magazines and shopping. Within each category the particular interests are highlighted by the destinations that rank the highest.

Categories and individual sites are presented in order of their index, indicating the relative strength of the affinity.

For example, The Washington Post has ‘Politics’ as its highest ranking siteographic category and within that indicates a high audience affinity with, and

Kelley Blue Book (, an auto pricing research tool ranks highly for ‘Auto Info’ and ‘Automotive’ and the top ranking destinations in the ‘Magazine’ category are and‘s visitors have a strong interest in both ‘Specialty Retail’ and general ‘Retail’ in particular with and high-end department stores such as and

Those are just three examples, at you’ll find siteographics for hundreds of thousands of internet destinations. Try it out and, as always, please let us know what you think.