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Introducing Quantcast Addressable Segments

Today, Quantcast launched a transformative feature to our Quantified Publisher profiles – Quantcast Addressable Segments. Conceived to enable publishers and advertisers to transact based on actionable audience data, Quantcast Addressable Segments provide a transparent understanding of audience segments that can actually be purchased, delivered and validated.

Quantcast Addressable Segments are currently available for the 1,000 largest Quantified Publishers (based on monthly audience size). As with other profile data sets, publishers can enable their Quantcast Addressable Segments in their account settings for public (the default setting) or for private view. They can also permission access to specific Quantcast users who request access to data that is not available for full public view.

Quantcast Addressable Segments provide you with the ability to understand actionable audience data for key segments that brand advertisers seek – based on age, gender, income, ethnicity and education. A core feature of Quantcast Addressable Segments is the “Adjust Segment” module, which allows users to customize audience composition and coverage levels. Moving the slider to the left increases the audience composition of your segment, but reduces the coverage (high composition settings restrict a segment to the audience with the highest conformity to the desired target definition). Even when set to the highest setting (furthest left), a Quantcast Addressable Segment’s composition will rarely equal 100%, given the impact of things such as cookie deletion and multiple people using the same computer. Our models continually improve due to the rapid adoption by publishers delivering ever-increasing volumes of census-level data into our service.

Once you define an audience, you will see a new profile for the property you are evaluating, highlighted by a blue header. The profile that is generated represents the actual audience coverage and composition for the particular Quantcast Addressable Segment you have defined, and represents an actionable audience that could be purchased in market.