Today we are proud to announce the general availability of Q for Publishers, Quantcast’s suite of audience intelligence applications. Q for Publishers was built to help publishers grow their business through better access to, and insights from, their valuable first-party audience data.

Q for Publishers is an important milestone for Quantcast. We are building on our legacy of providing publishers direct audience measurement for over 12 years with Quantcast Measure.

While the free version of Quantcast Measure is still available, Q for Publishers is a serious extension of the power of our audience-profiling capabilities. Website owners now have access to Q — Quantcast’s artificial intelligence platform that delivers a real-time behavior graph of the open internet.

The release is our first step in delivering a new system where publishers and advertisers can speak a common language for the buying and selling of digital audiences. We are working toward a big goal: to deliver a platform that makes it easier for everyone in the advertising ecosystem to have higher-fidelity audience transactions than the current approach of cutting/pasting audience demographics into an RFP.

What is Q for Publishers?

Q for Publishers is a suite of audience intelligence applications built on the core of Quantcast Measure. A paid, enterprise-service, Q for Publishers has the following enhancements:

  1. Content Segments: tag your digital properties to enable more granular audience profiles. Most clients set up these segments to better understand  and showcase their audience by variables such as page, article, author, content topic or site section (e.g., Sports, News, etc.) across their websites.
  2. Audience Planner: an audience discovery tool publishers can use to define a custom persona and find that audience across their digital properties. Leveraging Content Segments, Audience Planner is a powerful tool for responding to advertiser RFPs, and for the development of branded content solutions. Audience Planner features near real-time reporting with daily data updates and reports that generate in minutes.
  3. Audience Profiles for Planner: Audience Profiles for Planner is an upgrade to the core Audience Planner application that will be available later this Fall.  This enhancement allows publishers to create and view a profile for a particular audience persona (e.g. Soccer Moms). This enables publishers to more deeply understand the interests and psychographics of the persona, uncovering insights and strengthening publishers’ RFP responses and creative strategy when proposing a media plan to marketers.
  4. Publisher Campaign Reporting: an audience validation and reporting tool used for mid-flight and post-campaign analysis. Publisher Campaign Reporting allows publishers to track performance against audience KPIs they’ve committed to for an advertiser. In addition to validating whether the audience was reached, Publisher Campaign Reporting identifies other insights and top audiences reached or responding to a campaign enabling publishers to make mid-flight optimizations, or deliver value-add insights that could lead to additional revenue opportunities or renewals.
  5. Enhanced Quantcast Measure Profile:  we’re also introducing a new user interface and content views to the classic Quantcast Measure profile. Starting today, all Measure users will be able to opt-in to this new UI with new data views consistently being added over the coming weeks.  Some enhancements you’ll see include new, advanced search capabilities, new data on the brands that your audience has affinity for, and definitions of all Audience Grid segments in your profile.
The Journey to Now

We’ve worked with more than 20 early customers over the last 12-18 months on the development of Q for Publishers. We’ve been lucky to have a group of forward-looking, data-driven publishers like Forbes, NewsCorp, BuzzFeed, Vice, and the Leaf Group collaborate with us on building the next generation of audience insights and measurement tools.  We believe that these insight tools can help content owners grow their business by fully capitalizing on their first-party data, premium content, and valuable audiences.

While this first step delivers tools that significantly increase the accuracy of data, while reducing the operational friction in responding to RFPs or generating post-campaign reports, there are still many exciting Q for Publishers developments to come that will help content companies drive revenue and grow their business.

We look forward to continuing to work with our publishing partners to provide more audience solutions and sharing new features with all of you.