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Interpreting Audience Segments

Quantcast’s free audience segmentation feature allows you to break down and package your audiences to suit your exact needs. But once you’ve done this, how do you make the most of this data?

When you create an audience segment, it appears as an individual audience profile on (see example). This profile includes all the nifty audience composition data that any other Quantcast audience profile offers, just presented specifically for the segment you have created. For example, McClatchy has created segments based on the geographic origin of audiences view their content. The Miami segment indicates the following insights:

  • 64% female
  • 56% without kids
  • 71% have college degrees
  • Is 121% more likely than most audiences to include people 35-49
  • Each US audience member visits this content 1.85 times per month


Because you can create segments based on almost any criteria, you can use the resulting audience profiles to showcase audiences that may have been traditionally difficult for you to sell. You can also use this tool to learn what content draws what audience. And because Quantcast directly measures web audiences, we only need to see relatively small amount of traffic to provide a full audience profile.