Steph Curry – debatably one of the best NBA players alive – had one of the best seasons ever and received his second consecutive MVP title. While we may be biased by living in the heart of Warriors nation, it’s hard to deny that Curry had an amazing season. With the Warriors’ epic comeback against the Oklahoma City Thunder, we used Quantcast data to look at how people in other states are searching for Curry. It turns out other states’ residents aren’t as obsessed with details of Curry’s new mansion, but still show an interest in his life both professionally and personally.
Compared to average U.S. online users, Steph Curry searchers tend to be male, 25–44 years old, with an income of $50–150K, college educated and ethnically diverse. Searchers were overrepresented by African Americans, Asians and Hispanics. Unsurprisingly, California made up the bulk of Curry searches while Georgia, Maryland and Delaware also indexed highly compared to their respective state populations.
Searches across the U.S. were focused around Curry’s remarkable 2016 season, his top-selling Under Armour shoes, photos and playoff/MVP news. Western and Midwestern states showed the most interest in the 2016 season while Southern states indexed toward his shoes. Northeastern states were interested in Curry’s past seasons and college career while California – home of the Warriors – indexed the highest with news about the playoffs and his MVP title, closely followed by details of his new Walnut Creek mansion.
The following are the types of terms and phrases included in each of the search categories:

  • 2016: terms related to the 2016 season, records, scoring and three-pointers
  • Shoes: words related to Under Armour, shoes and sneakers
  • MVP/playoffs: phrases like MVP, Oklahoma City Thunder and playoffs
  • Photo: searches for Curry’s photo, wallpaper, pictures and gifs
  • Family: words like wife, daughter, father and brother
  • Career: searches for past seasons, college career, drafts and high school team
  • Injury: phrases related to Curry’s ankle injury, elbow, knee and other body parts that can be hurt
  • Bio: words related to his background like race, religion, age and height
  • Name: searches for his name only
  • Interview: searches for interviews, quotes and comments from Curry

Whether it’s Curry’s 2016 season stats, photos or family-man appeal, it’s more than just his shoes that grabbed the nation’s attention. As for us, we’ll be rocking our blue and gold for the Warriors championship rematch with the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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