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InfoPlease has Joined Quantcast

InfoPlease, an online learning resource and and information database, has joined the Quantified Publisher program with more than 7.7 million global monthly uniques.

Check out their Quantcast profile here:

InfoPlease (otherwise known as Information Please) has been providing authoritative answers to all kinds of factual questions since 1938 — first as a popular radio quiz show, then as an annual almanac and now on the web.

The site is dedicated to providing valuable information in a way that engages and entertains.  It is part of Pearson Education, Inc., the world’s largest integrated education company.  (Pearson’s other primary operations include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group.)

InfoPlease indexes very high for those households with children aged 6 – 17, and is popular with people across all income brackets.

Fans also frequent Enchanted Learning, The National Center for Education Statistics, and  They also enjoy National Geographic, Science Magazine and

Thanks for joining Quantcast, InfoPlease.  We appreciate your vote of confidence.