As the Vice President of Growth at IMVU, the world’s largest avatar social network, Lomit Patel is always looking for ways to get better and smarter about acquiring, retaining, and monetizing customers. IMVU is one of the top grossing apps in the App Store in an increasingly competitive entertainment marketplace, and Lomit is focused on expanding their reach globally. 

Working closely over four years with IMVU, Quantcast has helped the social networking site to achieve their marketing objectives. Lomit discussed this partnership with Quantcast co-founder and CEO, Konrad Feldman, during our Virtual NOVA event: “We’ve seen significant growth on both the amount of money we can spend on the budget side but also in terms of the number of users we’ve been able to acquire. And when we look back at the cohorts of users that we get through these campaigns with Quantcast, they tend to be really good quality users because we tend to get a really good lifetime value out of them.” 

With Quantcast, he stated, “we’ve been able to continue to scale up our campaigns.” For Lomit, being “able to trust the attribution around the different campaigns that we’re running” is especially helpful for IMVU. They’ve run “a number of incrementality tests with Quantcast,” and “have the confidence that as we’ve increased budget, we’ve continued to bring incremental new customers from these campaigns.”

As they expand globally, running recent campaigns in France and Germany, IMVU has been able to confirm that these campaigns are achieving the same level of success as previous campaigns in the US. And that’s important “because, at the end of the day,” Lomit asserted, “you can spend a ton of money, but you’ve got to have confidence that you’re spending it wisely.”

IMVU values its partnership with Quantcast. Lomit described Quantcast as “a partner that’s really proactive about coming up with new ideas [and] new concepts,” which “makes our job a lot easier [because their] teams are just as much invested in our business as we are.” 

To watch an excerpt from Lomit’s interview with Konrad at Quantcast Virtual Nova, click here