With the Super Bowl quickly approaching and 30 second spots averaging $5 million a pop, we wondered – do Super Bowl ads result in Super Bumps for advertisers?  We took a look at how the top-viewed Super Bowl commercials of 2016 (according to AdAge and Visual Measures) impacted search volume for the brands, and who is still searching for those brands in 2017.
The Winner: We found that Consumer Packaged Goods brands saw the biggest bump in search after their Super Bowl spots – a big win in this category as most CPG brands are not heavily researched online. However, current search trends for the brands brought non-CPG brands back to the top in 2017.
The Players: Tech companies like Amazon and Wix have an older and higher educated search demographic while car companies Mini and Hyundai also attracted an older crowd. CPG search demographics skewed toward 18-24 year olds – a group that likely hasn’t yet established brand loyalties.
The Forecast: For this year’s game – 3 of the top Super Bowl advertisers opted to make a big splash outside of a pricey commercial spot. Heinz introduced “Smunday” to promote making the Monday after the Super Bowl a holiday. Hyundai will film and compile the best off the field moments of the game and air post game; while Doritos’ parent company (Frito Lay) is investing in alcohol detecting bags for Tostitos.
Whether it is a 30 second spot or strategic product launches  – one thing is clear Super Bowl still remains the biggest advertising day of the year. And our data shows – that impact continues long after the big game has ended.