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IAB Mobile Engage Take Five: Konrad Feldman

Ahead of this year’s Mobile Engage conference, Konrad Feldman, Co-founder & CEO of Quantcast, gives his views on key issues in the mobile space.

This year may be the first time that more time is spent online via mobile devices than through PCs. What does this mean for your business?

The way people are consuming media is indeed changing, with tablets and smartphones making up an increasing portion of engagement. In 2012, global mobile data traffic grew 70 percent, and it is projected that by the end of 2013, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on Earth.

As a result, publishers, app developers and marketers alike need a more accurate way to measure across all platforms (desktop, mobile web, apps) and get a clear, unified view of their digital audiences to better understand, serve and monetise them. For Quantcast, this is our sweet spot. We’re committed to providing the best understanding of digital audiences, regardless of where they consume media. We introduced mobile web measurement over one year ago, and with the recent launch of Quantcast Measure for Apps, we now provide a single unified view of audiences across desktop web, mobile web and apps.

What are the key challenges in mobile at the moment? Why?

While the browser is still the most popular app on most smartphones, independent apps continue to gain widespread popularity. In just the month of February, there were over 60,000 new apps introduced to the market.

With this in mind, the biggest challenge for the industry centres around cross-platform measurement. As consumers switch between devices, there is increased need to consider all media consumption to effectively understand and audiences are create relevant experiences for all audiences (and, of course, to monetise their engagement with your content effectively). Because mobile measurement has traditionally included less granularity than we have grown used to on the web, cross-platform monetization is challenging. There exists a general lack of demographic data and no consistent methodology for measuring across platforms, which has left publishers and advertisers with a conundrum.

Consumers are fragmented, volatile and dynamic, yet providing provide rich, sticky consumer experiences, and monetizing those effectively requires that you understand who those consumers are and how they are, holistically, consuming your content. Finding an accurate, directly measured solution is essential to solving this challenge.

Where are the key opportunities in mobile at the moment? Why?

Cross-platform measurement technologies are needed to give publishers a more holistic understanding of campaign reach and engagement and to give advertisers an accurate view of opportunities across multiplatform publishers.

If both buyers and sellers can better understand the entire audience, across platforms, then it will be easier to organise, buy and sell these audiences. That reduces costs for both buyers and sellers, increases yield and return, and delivers more relevant experiences for consumers.

What will the mobile marketing landscape look like in five years’ time?

From a media perspective, in the future I believe we won’t be talking about mobile. The landscape will be just digital; mobile will be folded into the overall digital mix. This has already started to happen: mobile is now included into the overall IAB Ad Spend 2013. Mobile is a connected device just like your desktop PC and should now be considered in the same way.

What is your top tip for anyone looking to get more involved in mobile?

Digital ad spend is now over £5.5 billion, and over £500 million of that is spent on mobile. If you’re not focused on mobile right now, you’re behind. The industry is now paying attention and actively working to develop solutions that will improve the ad opportunities and experiences here, so our top tip would be to not wait, but start to experiment and start learning.