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Hurricane Sandy’€™s Impact on Internet Usage

At Quantcast we routinely see the effect of major Internet outages, but we also see the impact of major outside events. This week Hurricane Sandy blasted her way across New Jersey, New York and other states, causing major destruction to people’s lives, and major infrastructure issues in the area. Media coverage of the hurricane was abundant, and so, on Sunday and Monday people clearly wanted to know more. In the two days leading up to the storm, this caused an increase in traffic between 10% and 20% over the previous week from the New York City area.

After the storm, millions of people were left without power, and so they did not use the Internet as they normally would have. This was reflected in a 50% to 60% drop in Internet traffic from the affected areas. While Con Ed hopes to restore power in Manhattan by the end of the weekend, some unlucky people will not have power restored for up to 10 days.