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How Concern Worldwide Used Real-Time Advertising to Help 400 Families Affected by Natural Disaster

When the devastating Haiyan typhoon hit the Philippines in November 2013, global charity Concern Worldwide needed to raise funds quickly to aid to those affected by the disaster. Concern Worldwide works regularly in partnership with communities to provide practical, intelligent solutions that save lives and build livelihoods. In the charity sector, when disaster strikes, response time is crucial to those in need of relief. When this natural disaster struck, Concern Worldwide knew that acting quickly would be crucial to raise funds for all those in need.

Concern Worldwide runs display advertising through Quantcast all year round, meaning that Quantcast has continually built custom models of the charity’s online audience and the typical donor. When the typhoon struck, Concern Worldwide immediately created new display ads designed to increase awareness and drive new donations, which were implemented across the charity’s live campaigns.

Quantcast combined its Big Data and Predictive Intelligence and then matched the custom audience profile of the Concern Worldwide donor against its real-time view of the Web to identify the highest-value matches through targeted advertising. Quantcast’s comprehensive and instantaneous map of the Web enabled the custom model to adapt quickly to the changes in Concern Worldwide’s customer audience profile and to account for the different demographic profile of the new donor. Quantcast’s real-time bidding did the rest, accurately bidding to ensure maximum return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).

The campaign resulted in over 275 donations per week at the height of the crisis, compared to an average of eight. Quantcast also helped Concern Worldwide to:

  1. Achieve a 2779% peak ROAS and an average ROAS of 606%
  2. Generate a total of €85,000, bringing help to 400 fishing families
  3. Beat CPA target by 83%

To learn more about Concern Worldwide and how you can help, visit its site. If you want to achieve great results and find new customers, contact Quantcast.

Posted by Rebecca Muir, Product Marketing Lead EMEA