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How Brand Marketers are Reaching the Right Audience: A Forbes Insights Report



Reaching the right audience has always been a central goal of marketing and advertising. As digital advertising has evolved from a nascent to an integral marketing channel, new tools and technologies have emerged that have added a new level of targeting precision, relevancy and measurability. Brand marketers are now increasingly turning to digital for its effectiveness in reaching the right audience. As new digital audience targeting and validation tools continue to enter the market, which are resonating with brand marketers?

We partnered with Forbes Insights to see how brands are using audience targeting in digital advertising. Key findings from the survey of more than 300 executives include:

  • Almost all companies (85%) surveyed consider display and digital video a key component of their marketing message or branding because it allows them to better reach the right audience.
  • Companies value how audience targeting increases brand campaign effectiveness, and most (84%) expect to increase investment in audience targeting.
  • The primary challenge for audience targeting is identifying the proper personas. 54% of companies agree that its the biggest challenge.
  • The importance of validation is growing. 84% of companies surveyed expect the frequency with which they validate campaigns to increase in the next three years.
  • Audience guarantees, inherited from television buying practices, do not yet have a strong hold. Still, marketers are more likely to work with media sellers who offer it – 93% are more likely for display and 86% for video.

To learn more about how brand marketers are using digital advertising and audience targeting to enhance their branding campaigns and how they are measuring campaign success, read the full report here.

Posted by Marina Feldman, Product Marketing Manager, Brand Solutions