Innovation starts with curiosity. It’s all about the ‘How’, ‘Why’, and the ‘What if’?”

Konrad Feldman, CEO, Quantcast

On Friday, November 18th, Quantcast concluded it’s 3rd annual SupernovaUK in London at The Brewery. We welcomed more than 550 leading advertisers, publishers and advertising agencies for an in-depth look at innovation and the online digital media business. We’ll be sharing video from each individual session in the coming days, but below are some key highlights from the event.
What do light bulbs, backgammon, chess, Artificial Intelligence and data have to do with innovation? Konrad Feldman, CEO and co-founder at Quantcast opened this year’s Supernova with a thought-provoking look at how these seemingly disparate topics help us understand innovation and the effects of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence on the world at large.
Next, Laurie Naspe, Director, Strategic Insights at Quantcast was joined by Rune Mortensen, Managing Director at Basis Research to share findings from a new global industry research report, The Road Less Travelled – New Insights on the Consumer Decision Journey, that revealed the complex mix of the various pathways to purchase along the consumer decision journey. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion from agency Maxus UK, and brands EE and FIAT, who shared their experience and insight into the customer decision journey.
A clear highlight of the day was an interview with Kevin Kelly, founder of WIRED, on his vision for the future, his viewpoints on A.I., which parts of the world and which industries are currently the most innovative.

“When it comes to every single human invention, another version of that invention has been made at the same time. Things get invented when they’re ready – and when the conditions are right”

Kevin Kelly, Founder, WIRED

“Today, the tools to make something happen have never been more available, yet our connected world makes finding new, innovative ideas more challenging”

Kevin Kelly, Founder, WIRED

To close the show, we were fortunate enough to welcome Team Great Britain Trainer, Paul Manning and Olympic Gold Medalists Laura (Trott) Kenny and Jason Kenny to the Supernova stage to discuss the role data plays in their approach to training. The insightful discussion left attendees feeling inspired and ready to embrace innovation in the year to come!

“You only break world records by entering new territory, the data helps provide the confidence to go there.”

Paul Manning, Team Great Britain Trainer.

Be sure to check back for more content from SupernovaUK in the coming days!

Quantcast Supernova 2016 Highlights from Quantcast on Vimeo.