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Here comes the iPad

Unless you’ve really been off the grid, you’ll be familiar with the launch of Apple’s latest device the iPad. So, what does our data show us? Well one thing’s clear – people surf a lot of web content on their iPads! For this analysis we have classified the iPad as a ‘mobile’ device (more on this below) and look at its share of all mobile web consumption over recent days. Keep in mind that our analysis is conducted on a GMT basis and so we only include a portion of launch day traffic on the 3rd.

Apple iPad Share of Mobile Web Consumption North America

And yes, we really have seen iPad traffic right back to March 18, though the volume is too small to show at this scale.

To hit 5% of mobile web consumption in the first full day of usage is astounding, and creates a challenge for this form of analysis. The iPad blurs the line between conventional computing and mobile computing and we’re going to see a constant stream of new devices that further complicate matters – we should simply expect that when faced with a large screen, people are going to browse the web more.  This has the potential to skew the analysis of true go anywhere ‘mobile’ devices (we speculate that many will leave their iPad at home on occasions where their iPhone will remain in their pocket) and so we plan on excluding the iPad from our mobile analysis going forward. Don’t worry, we’ll still measure usage and report on it. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let us know in the comments.

So, how does the iPad stack-up against its Apple brethren, this chart shows the share of Apple originated web consumption attributable to each device.Model Share of Apple Originated Mobile Consumption North America