in Data & Insights joins Quantcast! a comprehensive nutrition community run by Registered Dietitians has joined the Quantified publisher program with more than 290,000 Global Monthly Uniques.

You can see their full Quantcast profile here:

If you are one of the many people who resolved to lead a more healthy lifestyle in 2008, this site is a perfect place for you to start.  The community places a main focus on preventative health – popular topics include diet tips to lower cholesterol, common diet myths, popular convenience food reviews and issues related to women’s health. They do not preach the ABCs of nutrition, because it’s boring. Instead they debunk diet myths and make sense of breaking nutrition news so that readers will learn the essence of healthy eating.

You can see from their profile that the audience skews female and slightly older.  They are also of a higher income level and well educated.  There are also strong audience affinities to thing like the Food and Drug administration, iVillage Health, Prevention Magazine, and the American Hearth Association.

Thanks for joining Quantcast, HealthCastle!