It’s been one year since we launched Q for Publishers, Quantcast’s suite of audience analytics products. Q for Publishers enables publishers to understand and gain deep insight into audience demographics, shopping & browsing behaviors, media interests, brand affinity, business occupation and traffic trends.

All of these work together to help publishers tell rich stories to their advertising partners about who their audience is and why they’re important to that brand.

Over the past year, we’ve welcomed on board a growing list of influential publishers like News Corp, Reddit, Refinery29, Forbes and BuzzFeed. Everyone at Quantcast would like to thank our customers for their invaluable help in shaping our products, as we continuously work with them and others to improve our capabilities to better fit publishers’ needs.

In the 12 months since launch we’ve made a number of significant improvements to the suite, including:

  • Rolling out New Measure Profiles, which helps publishers easily and quickly find the insights they need
  • Adding value to Audience Planner, where publishers can now access a full Measure Profile for the audience profiles they’re building!
  • Cutting report generation time down to as little as 1 minute, bringing publishers’ the audience insights they need fast
  • Introducing User Permissioning across different sites and content, to help our publisher partners add new accounts where needed

And we’re ecstatic to see our tool help publishers win new business and drive incremental revenue! Kyle Snarr, Head of Marketing at Gear Patrol, utilized Q for Publishers to win new business from The Macallan, and noted that “Quantcast is our insight engine.”

Forbes’ Alyson Williams, VP of Digital Business Strategy & Operations at Forbes, relies on Q for Publishers to “drive new revenue and deeper partnerships,” especially in non-endemic verticals. Here at Quantcast, we’re thrilled to have become such an instrumental tool to premium publishers across the US.

We are extremely grateful to our premium partners who have helped shape and evolve our product and we’re excited to welcome more website owners to Q for Publishers in the next 12 months.

Here’s to another year of Q for Publishers!