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HairFinder joins Quantcast!, a large directory of hair related sites has joined the Quantified publisher program with more than 1.1 Million global monthly uniques.

You can view their full Quantcast profile here:

The site features dozens of articles on the basics of hair care and styling, as well as detailed information and instructions on recreating many of today’s most popular looks.  The articles available cover everything from style trends, to color techniques and solutions for curling straight hair and vice versa.

Perhaps the most popular feature of the site is the Ask Hairfinder link which allows readers to submit their own personal questions to be answered by licensed professionals.  All of the questions and answers are included in an archive so that others can find help with similar problems even if they don’t want to submit a question of their own.  Whatever your question about your hair, has the answer.

You can see from their profile that the audience skews younger and female.  By looking at the age, education and income information the core audience looks to be high school and college aged females.  These visitors also have a strong affinity to other fashion sites like and Cosmo Girl.

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