With the rapidly evolving technologies impacting the media and advertising industries, there’s pressure on publishers and advertisers to truly understand their audiences. For the industry at large to successfully adapt, publishers and vendors need to work together to come up with solutions.
That customer-centric approach is why Quantcast hosted our first publisher client hackathon this year, including clients such as Vice Media, NY Post, Bustle, Demand Media and the Wall Street Journal. On the agenda: share challenges and pain points directly with Quantcast engineers, for our Measure engineers develop minimum viable products to meet our clients challenges in real time. Plus, our clients got to enjoy a day trip to Napa while the Quantcast team was hard at work.

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Working with Clients to Democratize Data

Quantcast Measure was built on the idea that the power of big data could help publishers keep pace with the challenges of the digital advertising landscape. While other platforms have formed their own walled gardens, we’ve stuck to the belief that data works best for everyone when it’s truly big data — adding as many data points as possible will always make the greatest number of insights available.

The belief in the democratization of big data has pushed us to work directly with our partners in order to effectively keep up with industry challenges. That’s why we involve our customers directly in our product development process. Its also what drove the launch of Audience Grid last year. Data from sources like TiVo, Mastercard, and Kantar only go so far in a vacuum, but when coupled with online behavior they offer enormous potential.
These types of partnerships between publishers, vendors and data partners drive the ability to connect data sets and provide more value to all parties.
As Harris Cullinan, Director of Analytics for Vice Media, explains: “Its antiquated to believe we can solve everything on our own. Companies trying to work on their own are just bottlenecks that prevent the industry from evolving. We want to work with partners who are doing cool stuff and pushing the industry, including Vice, to do cool stuff, too.”

The Results

In line with Quantcast’s goal to only build products that meet our customer’s needs, the three-day event was wrapped up with Shark Tank style voting from the panel of publishers, who chose which of the developed products they would invest in.

“I want to use every single one of these beta products now, because they will make my life easier, my ads perform better, and my customers more engaged,” said Scott Messer, Senior Director of Business Development for Demand Media. “This is exactly why my team wanted to attend an event like this.”

The outcome of the event for Quantcast was a hefty and relevant roadmap. The winners ranged from a product that helps publishers quickly produce beautiful campaign reports for their advertisers, to a tool that will help segment audiences even more easily.

For more details, you will have to keep an eye out for future changes to the product, and be sure to check back in to our blog for upcoming launches! If you want to start measuring your audience, you can sign up for Measure for free and start today.