Every year trillions of photos and videos are captured and uploaded to an ecosystem that is increasingly saturated with visual content. GumGum, an artificial intelligence company with deep expertise in computer vision, helps make sense––and value––out of images flooding the online expanse. Thanks to its proprietary image recognition technology, GumGum delivers innovative advertising and visual intelligence solutions to advertisers and publishers.

GumGum succeeds in sharing the right data and insights with their clients––and Q for Publishers helps power that experience.

The Challenge:

As advertising becomes more and more complex, publishers are no longer focused on demographics alone. They care about consumer behaviors and understanding where, how, and what the target audience is consuming.

To satisfy publisher’s desires, GumGum needed a way to show that their message would be delivered to the right audience at the right time in the consumer’s brand journey. “We needed help with sales planning given the lack of audience and behavioral data we were seeing from our measurement services partners,” said Dan Patterson, GumGum’s Director of Ad Operations.  

Why Q for Publishers?

When looking for a partner to help solve this challenge, GumGum turned to Q for Publishers. Through the Audience Planner and Content Segments products, nearly half of GumGum’s teams – ranging from Marketing, Sales, Account Management and Ad Operations – have the ability to effortlessly respond to RFPs more quickly and efficiently than ever before. The tools allow GumGum to report on audiences at a granular level and with extremely fresh and accurate data, which is crucial to winning new business and building trust with current clients through proven performance.

Fresh Data and Insights

“On the pre-sales side, Audience Planner has been incredibly helpful in proving that a certain audience lives on our platform and identifying how we’re going to reach that audience to the clients,” said Mallory Chiappetta, Director of Key Account Strategy.

Audience Planner, an audience discovery tool of Q for Publishers, is a pre-sales enablement solution for responding to advertisers’ RFPs and in the development of branded content solutions. The tool generates detailed audience profiling reports in minutes that can be immediately shared with advertisers looking to reach a certain audience. “We used to utilize many different sources to pull the right data to respond to RFPs, but now we can typically do it all with just one tool — Q for Publishers,” said Chiappetta.

Ease of Use

With GumGum’s growing sales departments, a user-friendly and instinctual tool was crucial for team wide success. The Q for Publisher user interface is clean, intuitive and easy to use, which helps internal training efforts. “I have tested measurement tools that can be clunky or difficult to use. When I’m onboarding my team, they are able to pick up Quantcast right away,” said Chiappetta.

Speed and Efficiency

Operational efficiency is another way Q for Publishers has added value to GumGum’s sales process. According to Chiappetta, RFPs sometimes have turnaround times of as little as 24 hours. “We need to be as efficient as possible when responding to RFPs and Q for Publishers is able to generate the insights we need in just few minutes,” Chiappetta mentioned.

In fact, having access to the Q for Publisher tool saved the GumGum Strategic Planning team 40 hours a month, giving precious time back to focus on other business. Recognizing the urgency publishers face in the RFP process, Quantcast is continually working on cutting down report delivery time.

Granular Data

In addition to needing fresh and accurate insights, the ability to segment their platform’s audience was critical to their sales strategy. GumGum’s Patterson noted that “the level of granularity we can get in [Q for Publishers] is huge and allows us to understand audiences at various levels – such as verticals or sites. This is a level of granularity we rarely get from other measurement services.”

With this granularity, their sales planning team can leverage Audience Planner to identify where exactly within their network an advertiser’s target audience lives. Once live, their Ad Ops team can then use the same tool to ensure the campaign is effectively reaching the target audience, optimizing along the way to hit client KPIs.

What else is unique about Q For Publishers?

“The level of customer service we receive exceeds expectations.  Every time we give product feedback, we know they are listening and going to look into it”, said Chiappetta. That is one of things she values most about from GumGum and Quantcast’s partnership. Quantcast product teams meet regularly with GumGum’s power users to review product feedback, which directly result in new product features to benefit publishers. Within these feedback sessions, the teams identified the need for “and/or” statements between segments in Audience Planner – a critical capability for GumGum’s operations and sales strategy. In response to this product enhancement, Q for Publishers helped GumGum achieve the key goal of improving operational efficiency. Sarah Wallace, Senior Director of Account Management & Strategy, noted “it’s helpful when we see our suggestions become a reality.”

Quantcast is continually striving to create a product that makes publisher’s lives easier, so it’s important we hear and collect this feedback.


Recently, GumGum was contacted by a telecom advertiser looking to reach a Hispanic audience within a specific region. Proving they could reach such a niche audience would normally be a difficult task, but with the help of Q for Publishers, GumGum was able to make a strong argument about why and how they could reach this audience.

Utilizing their custom segmentation and Audience Planner, GumGum was able to prove they could reach the target Hispanic audience, identify where exactly within their network the audience lived, and build a custom targeting strategy around the identified high-indexing verticals and sites. They won the business and once the campaign was live, Audience Planner was utilized throughout the flight to continuously verify that the campaign was targeted appropriately and performing well against the campaign KPIs. “We would be in a tight spot without Quantcast,” said Sarah Wallace.

Similarly, GumGum was focused on winning business from a large CPG with very niche audience targets. Q for Publishers helped with the planning and strategizing of the initial campaign. The CPG client was so pleased with their ability to reach their desired audiences that GumGum was chosen to receive 20% more incremental budget for the remainder of the flight. Q for Publishers is opening the door to incremental revenue streams.