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Got Lots of Audience Segments? Finding Them Just Got Easier!

Quantcast Labels let you create audience profiles for just about any audience subset you could care about. From video genres and author categorization, to content segments and product sets, we’re constantly amazed at the innovative ways in which Quantified Publishers use this feature.

You have created literally millions of custom audience segments using labels. In fact, theyre so successful that it had become hard for you to find the specific ones you wanted! So, we’ve added a ‘Find’ feature that will search audience segments and quickly retrieve the ones that match your query.

Whenever you see the “Audience Segments” link in a profile’s left navigation, custom audience profiles are available to view. Just click. Quantcast supports hierarchical segments, so when you see a number next to the segment name [example below – Channel E (22)], just click through to see all the sub-segments. To view any segments audience profile just click on the blue arrow icon.