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Google Case Study: Quantcast Delivers Scale And An Amazing€ Callout Rate!

Google has published a case study which details how Quantcast accesses real-time inventory on the DoubleClick AdExchange to provide audiences at scale. Google recognized Quantcast’s exceptional callout rate of nearly 100%, demonstrating that Quantcast’s superior infrastructure has the capability to receive and respond to nearly every available impression from the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, in real-time.

“Across the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Quantcast achieves an amazing callout rate close to 100%, which means they can respond to almost all of the impressions DoubleClick announces to them and find an advertiser’s best customers.” – Doubleclick

Real-time bidding continues to see incredible growth (see chart). Quantcast receives and responds to billions of RTB impressions each day, every time in under 100 milliseconds. Keeping up with the incredible volume of impression opportunities is something many organizations struggle with and thus fall behind. Having a 100% callout rate allows Quantcast to deliver the right ads for our advertisers across the entire universe of possible impressions. In addition, Quantcast’s advanced technology infrastructure allows us to not only see every impression, but also bring millions of data points to bear to best evaluate each impression’s value to our clients – allowing us to deliver the right ad, to the right user, in the right place, at the right time with superior ROI.

Big data and unparalleled technical capability are crucial to delivering optimal performance in the world of real-time bidding.

Read the full case study.