Quantcast Measure profiles just got a lot better, starting with a brand new interface. Our Principal UX Designer shares more detail about the design principles that guide our new look and feel.

On the heels of our 2014 redesign of Measure, we started an ambitious project here at Quantcast – envision and execute on a next-generation Measure product to succeed the current audience measurement tool. This week’s beta release of the new Measure profile is the first step in the process.

Our 2014 redesign was limited to visual changes only, and visual changes alone can only do so much to improve a product. Rather than just re-skin the product, we wanted to completely reimagine what an audience measurement platform should be and how we could deliver that.

First and foremost, we had three core issues that a cross-functional team of designers, engineers, and product managers set out to improve: data presentation, summary content, and overall speed of interaction.

What’s Under the Hood?

Measure has been maintained and augmented for years but always in small ways, and the buildup of legacy design and code needed to be completely resolved.

The new profiles are built on an entirely new design system we’ve built in-house here at Quantcast. That means a whole new toolbox for us to build out new features quickly and consistently.

For our customers, it also means things like navigation and tools will be consistent everywhere – you’ll always know what to expect. In fact, consistency is one of our core guiding design principles for the new framework and all of our upcoming launches. Visually, our new Measure profiles look and feel like Quantcast, but a new, simpler, faster, and easier-to-digest Quantcast.

Easily Digestible Data

Gestalt principles, a series of rules or guidelines that help people understand relationships and layouts more quickly, guided our hand in this new redesign. We relied on principles of grouping and similarity in areas like the redesigned profile headers, or the settings for each of our report cards.

We’ve redesigned the classic Measure profile headers to include small groups of content clustered for easy reading and comprehension. Ranks and traffic summaries give you an immediate taste of where a property sits and how a property stacks up.

We’ve also now logically paired and grouped all controls with their associated content, so users can reliably make changes and see their audience in new lights, much more quickly and easily.

Gotta Go Fast

We know you don’t have time to waste. So the new Measure profiles are built for speed, both technically and when it comes to using them. We kept in mind that you should spend less time trying to find useful data, and more time working with the data and acting on it.

Want to see another property in your network? Just drop down the property selector panel and you’ll see the sites, apps, and defined audiences available in your network (or other public networks).

Need to jump quickly from the Demographics report to the Audience Interests report? Now all the reports sit on one page with easy jump links, because it’s faster to scroll than to load another page.

Need details? Detail sheets, available on most cards, will slide right up and give you a detailed breakdown that you can dismiss, and still be right where you were on the profile page.

So Much More to Come

These are the first just a few of the things we identified with Measure and wanted to get out the door to all of you. The new Measure beta is available right now to current and new Measure customers, and as always using Measure both to browse and to Quantify your site is completely free. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to email us your thoughts.