Founded in 1989, G-Star RAW continues to push the boundaries of denim design. The Dutch designer clothing company with global flagship stores is known for its raw, untreated denim. As their Digital Director, Denise Fender, puts it: “We are obsessed with denim. We are not following trends, we like to break rules, and we are innovative. We think we also have a sense of humor. And that’s how we approach our partnerships and our business.” G-Star RAW has partnered with Quantcast to help drive that innovation forward. 

Some of the biggest challenges that G-Star RAW as a digital and marketing business has faced, according to Denise, are “scaling and automation, and with that comes the need for real-time data.” Data and insights about consumers are essential “in this day and age, particularly as we want to grow fast.” She explained that “when you’re a global business with local markets, it’s very important that you understand the consumer in those markets and what they are doing in real time.” These nuanced and nearly instantaneous insights from Quantcast allow G-Star RAW to reach consumers, leveraging data on behavioral trends, so they can take action “at the right moment.” 

As Denise explained, segmentation and personalization are “very difficult if you don’t understand your consumer.” Quantcast’s real-time data and rich insights “help us to understand our existing consumer, which is not that easy, but also understand our consumers that are not buying with us yet.” Identifying “our loyal G-Star consumers in the future” is especially important to her. In her years of working with Quantcast, Denise has found “experts in the field for segmentation, for personalization, for testing and innovation, so whatever you need as a business, you’re likely to be able to leverage that from them [and] they will help you get to where you want to be. They’ll have the data, and they’ll understand your consumer before you.” 

Denise has worked with Quantcast for “many years on many great campaigns, loads of innovation, loads of beta,” as her company has grown as a global partner, and she values being able to have “open, honest conversations.” She recommends: “if you are starting with Quantcast as your first big project or small project, I would say it’s really important to understand and tell them exactly what you’re doing and trying to achieve. They’re not a business that tries to sell you a product, do a hard sell… They really want to understand your business, [and so] you need to tell them what you want to get out of that project, whether it be data or insights, return on ad spend, managing CPAs,” or anything else. Having connected with almost all of the “fantastic” teams or levels at this “friendly one-to-one company,” Denise appreciates the open transparency that allows her to drive success for G-Star RAW. 

To learn more about how G-Star RAW pushes boundaries and drives innovation by leveraging real-time data, watch this short video of Denise speaking at Quantcast’s Virtual NOVA.