Talent is our number one priority at Quantcast. In the first of a series of posts, we’ve thrown a few quick-fire questions at one of our recent senior hires on our Product team to lift the lid on some of the people who make Quantcast tick.

Dorothy Tse joined Quantcast as our new Vice President of Product in April, based in our San Francisco headquarters. In her new role, Dorothy is responsible for building our products for advertisers and publishers to help them grow their businesses, all leveraging our unique AI and machine-learning technology and first-party data.

How does AI play a role in your daily life?

I’m a huge Android fan. One of the things I’ve enjoyed about it is my Google Now. It provides me a wide array of both useful and entertaining information, ranging from relevant news articles to helpful updates on when my flight is delayed (again!) to traffic conditions for my way home. Incredibly useful for a Bay Area commuter! For me, that’s one of the main benefits that AI brings: intuitive, timely information that predicts when I’m likely to need something and saves me a little time every day.

Your career prior to Quantcast has spanned Facebook, Nielsen and Yahoo!—all companies that have played a significant role in shaping the ad industry. What excites you the most about the future of the advertising industry?

As an industry, we have made a lot of progress in better understanding which channels best resonate with which consumers, and how to use data to understand their interests across the web. I think what’s interesting now is that marketers are seeking ways to understand consumers in a deeper way beyond traditional cookie based information and developing an omnichannel view of the customer. The insights are used to reach and influence behavioral preferences to brands across more devices, channels and platforms. That is very exciting to me.

Can you name a brand you think is getting it right?

Amazon. Jeff Bezos’ recent shareholder letter revealed that there are now more than 100 million Prime subscribers, which is an amazing milestone and testament to creating a product or service that taps into a nascent demand. Like us, Amazon has a great depth of audience data, but Quantcast has this for the open internet, which I find really exciting.

Who’s inspired you throughout your career?

I admire women leaders who stand for integrity and bring a culture of inclusion and openness to the workplace. As a female working in technology, there are unique dynamics we face and I’ve always appreciated women leaders who have become successful through their ability to influence gracefully and drive real change. I’ve appreciated my time at Facebook and getting to see Sheryl Sandberg’s journey as she faced great adversity in her personal life and how she openly shared her pain, which in turn started a dramatic movement. She is truly a gifted business leader and incredibly genuine individual. She’s a great example of bringing your whole self to work, which is something everyone can learn from, no matter your gender.

Tell us something we can’t see from your resume

Despite living in and around the Bay Area for a long time, I’ve just become a baseball fan in the past year and I try to watch as many San Francisco Giants games as I can. We are starting the season off strong! I also have a soft spot for truffle potato chips, and my most unintentionally listened-to Spotify station is Toddler Tunes (a side effect from having kids!).