The Quantcast Choice CMP was sold to InMobi in 2023, and is now InMobi Choice CMP.

Quantcast is committed to supporting its customers with premium consent management and audience analytics tools. Today we are excited to announce that on May 4, 2020, everyone will have free access to Quantcast Choice®, with premium features and audience insights. Choice is one of the first TCF v2.0-compliant consent management platforms validated by IAB Europe.

The new release of Quantcast Choice provides extensive updates and comes at a critical point in our industry’s time. There are only 68 days left before the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) v1.1 is deprecated. Publishers are under a lot of pressure to adopt the new TCF version, which is not backward compatible with TCF v1.1 by the June 30, 2020 deadline. 

Quantcast has been a long-time advocate for improving data protection and privacy, as well as one of the driving forces behind the original TCF v1.0 developed by IAB Europe. Today, over 25,000 organizations from across 25 countries use Choice to help them comply with data protection laws. 

The updated free Quantcast Choice product will include:

  • Support for consumer privacy preferences under GDPR, ePrivacy Directive and CCPA 
  • Real-time Quantcast Measure audience insights based on consented data
  • A single universal tag powering both consent management and audience analytics across multiple properties
  • A central portal for all configuration customisations and management across different properties
  • IAB and non-IAB vendor management capabilities
  • Consent metrics that reflect consumer interactions with the CMP

In addition, Choice will incorporates updated TCF v2.0 functionalities including:

  • Better transparency to consumers with updated TCF v2.0 purposes and features, to better understand how their data is used 
  • Enhanced consumer controls making it easy for consumers to grant, refuse, or revoke their consent, and to object to data processing not based on consent
  • More publisher controls through the ability to specify the purposes for which they allow each of their partners to process personal data collected on their properties

On May 4th, the IAB TCF v2.0-compliant Choice will be free to implement and use across all your sites. Further, we will be extending TCF v2.0 support on the mobile app platform later this year.

Join our waiting list here. Publishers who are looking for enterprise-grade support and marketers interested in learning more about Choice can contact us here

Want to learn more about the TCF v2.0 switchover? Take a look at the latest IAB press release on TCF v2.0, and Quantcast’s Q&A with the IAB: CMP Insight: TCF v2.0 Switchover Q&A with Quantcast.